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  • Jason Rudoy

Virtual Production Experience – Behind the Scenes

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Ever walked backstage at a live event and noticed all the people wearing black and sitting behind a bunch of equipment that you have no clue how it works or why it’s there? Well, that same equipment and same technicians are needed to ensure a successful virtual event. It’s just located in an office instead of backstage at an event. Here’s a small list of items that are still used in the virtual world, just like they would be in the live world.

  • Audio/Video Engineers – EXTREMLY IMPORTANT!!!

  • Switchers

  • Record Decks

  • Audio Inputs/Outputs

  • Video Inputs/Outputs

  • Numerous Computers

  • Video Screens

  • Cables

  • Cameras

  • Microphone Packages

  • Much More Based on the Need

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