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  • Jason Rudoy

General Session Studio Environment

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Even in a virtual or hybrid event, you can still have an impactful stage set/backdrop for your “General Session” space for your executives and/or Keynote Speakers. Here are some easy ways to accomplish this and a couple pitfalls to avoid:

  1. If you are streaming a live presentation and you want a strong brand presence…….having a couple large monitors flanking the speaker and pipe and drape/lighting is a great way to pull this off. Inexpensive and highly impactful.

  2. Try to avoid doing a digital background through your streaming platform. This is great for meetings and one on one’s but for a professional presentation – it’s best going with the real thing.

  3. Use your corporate or association office as your studio. Work with a partner to bring in some AV equipment to turn your office into a studio.

  4. Work with a partner that has a studio for your broadcast. This will give you the best chance to present a professional – well polished event.

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