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  • Jason Rudoy

Why do I Need a Production Partner?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

We’ve heard this a lot over the last couple months – “I do virtual meetings all the time, why would I need to hire someone to do this for us?” Great question, here is the answer: Doing a meeting that has one speaker and the rest are active participants is one thing but when it comes time to have panel discussions, Q/A Sessions, Polling, Breakout Sessions, Keynote Presenters – your production partner will do the following for you:

  • Work with your speakers to ensure the environment where they are presenting from will be professional and reliable

  • Have backup equipment ready should something happen to the main feed

  • Incorporate different views for the attendees – speaker view, presentation view, switch between, multiple speaker view, etc. This keeps the presentation active and keeps attendees engaged.

  • Script out the entire run of show……. just like they would at a live event

  • Much – Much – Much More

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