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Creative. Social. Responsibility.

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CSRconnections is a comprehensive Creative Social Responsibility program planning firm. We believe organizations have the opportunity to make a significant and meaningful impact in our communities around the world. Now more than ever, there is increased awareness of the importance of giving back. CSRconnections is committed to supporting these efforts.

There is a unique energy when people come together with the common purpose of compassionate service.  We will create a CSR program that will engage your attendees, expand your company profile and serve the communities in which you work and meet. More than a decade ago, corporations began to embrace the idea of social responsibility and bringing their people together for a service opportunity. It is an honor to learn about your CSR initiatives, educate your organization on various CSR profiles and connect you with a CSR program that aligns with your company culture.


What CSR Activity Options are available to our group?

Meal Packing
Hygiene Kit Builds
Bike Building Activity
Wheelchair Building Activity
Back to School packing
First Aid Kit builds
Blankets for First Responders
Artful Giving
Furniture Fun
Book Nook Build
Additional Customized Events as needed


Can I do a Virtual/ Hybrid CSR event?

CSRconnections has created an engaging and impactful CSR activity available for any size group, which can easily be incorporated into your virtual or hybrid event.  This activity allows your attendees a  customized shopping experience that will benefit those in need.  The result is a donation of much needed items appropriate for the charitable organization of your choice, and can be located anywhere within the U.S.


How to budget for a CSR event?

Budgets for CSR can vary greatly. As you consider your CSR budget, think about what type of donation you wish to make to the charity of your choosing, as well as how much coordinated teambuilding you wish to incorporate into the activity.  A simple guideline would be that most CSR activities will fall between $50 – $200, per participant.  A few basic questions will assist us in providing the perfect activity for your group’s budget.


How much space do I need for a CSR event?

A simple rule of thumb would be to calculate the square footage your group would require for a reception, and a CSR activity can typically be accommodated within that same amount of space.  Most successful CSR activities call for interaction, movement of the participants and space for the product to be displayed.  

To learn more about CSRconnections, click on the logo below.

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