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  • Jason Rudoy

Virtual Creative Consulting

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

What if it were in-person?

Picture what you would want the event to look like if you were going to hold it in person. Think about the elements in the event that you would include to achieve your goals. Then brainstorm ways you can achieve those goals in a virtual space.

Give ‘em a break

Sitting in front of a screen for eight to ten hours straight can be incredibly draining. When hosting a virtual event, you aren’t bound to consecutive hours and days because people have traveled to your venue. Break up your content into small chunks of time allowing for plenty of breaks. Make sure you include text, email, or push reminders to pull your attendees back in after each break.

Include interactive elements

If your attendees wanted to simply stream content, you could email them a video and be done with it. Involve your attendees in the conversation during your virtual event. To do so you can include chat and live-polling functions into your presentations, incorporate gamification or incentivized challenges, and even use a mobile app to personalize the attendee experience and give them opportunities to connect, network, and share.

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