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  • Jason Rudoy

Volume 1 - General Session Production

For most of you who have a General Session as part of the production of your event, here are a few “Did You Know” points to think about when planning for your next big production:

When sourcing your hotel or event venue – be sure to negotiate to allow the ability to bring in outside AV. Many times, the in-house provider and an outside production company can work together to accommodate all your production needs and come in under budget.

When considering the most important aspect of a successful production – in almost all cases it’s the people not the equipment that make all the difference. Having a talented and dedicated team of experts will ensure that every aspect will run smooth. This team will ensure success from load in to load out and all elements in-between.

Rehearsals are a MUST! Even if your keynote speaker, executives and panelists are “expert speakers”, it’s still vital to have a walk through so everyone on the production team is on the same page as your speakers.

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