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  • Jason Rudoy

Virtual Meeting Support

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

So, you need to pull off a Virtual Meeting – where to start, what’s this going to cost, how do we do it? These are the coming questions we’re getting. Here is a few pointers from our experts here at LiveCon.

  1. Find a reliable production partner. You can have the fanciest Event Hub in the world, but if your content for your attendees is unreliable, the overall event will suffer.

  2. Be creative and think outside the virtual box. If you’re used to doing in person events, understand that people meeting “face to face” will not be possible – think of creative and fun ways create a personal connection for your attendees.

  3. Technical elements that might have been difficult to pull off in a live environment might be easy to do in a virtual world. First thing that comes to mind is polling – with everyone sitting in a General Session, it might not have been possible to get a feel of the room………here, it’s extremely easy to accomplish.

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